Sundance was the first Pixie Bob to be imported into the United Kingdom.  His owners Julie and Rob
had to patiently wait for their boy because of England's  protocol for importing animals.  "Sunny" was
out of one of my first litters and was such a special little guy.  We all got quite attached to him since
he had to stay with us so long before being able to go to his new home.  Although after getting to
know Julie and Rob and what fantastic people they are, it helped with the pain of letting Sundance go
to his new home.  Julie and Rob stopped by to meet us when they were vacationing in the U.S. They
are very special people and they've given their boy a wonderful home.

Hi Mary

"Sundance has one of the biggest personalities that I have ever known a cat to have. He is so
interested in everything I do.  He follows  me around the house chirruping to me when I talk to him.  
He walks very well on his lead.  He arrived with me when he was a year old and I wondered how he
would get on with my other three cats, one a Birman girl and two British boys.  There was no
problem.  He has not got a nasty bone in him.  He likes to wrestle with one of my boys but it never
turns nasty and he treats the older one with respect as if he knows not to annoy him.  He plays with
my Birman when she wants to and she tells him in no uncertain terms when she is not in the mood
to play.  But again it has never turned serious.  Sometimes it is like living with a boisterous teenage
and other times a sweet baby.  I waited patiently for about four years to share my life with one of
these beautiful looking creatures, little did I know how beautiful this one would be on the inside

I forgot to tell you in my last e-mail, Sundance fell in the bath the other evening when it was full of
water and lots of bubbles.  I had just had my bath and Rob was getting ready to get in.  I was in the
bedroom when I heard Rob roar with laughter and all I saw as I went into the bathroom was a very
soggy cat shaking water all over the carpet.  I caught him in a towel and rubbed him down and then
dried him with my hairdryer while he washed himself.  He didn't seem to mind this atall and when
we had finished he smelt lovely.  This hasn't put him off coming into the bathroom, he is still
fascinated with the water and sits right next to the taps when we are in the bath.  If Rob wags his
toes in front of him he goes to grab them.  Somehow I don't think this will be the only time he falls in.

Take care