Native Dream's Chief is the FIRST kitten to be
produced in my program having my own cattery
prefix to his name.  He is the combination of the
two best breeding programs in the world, in my
estimation, of course. Stone Island's Pixie-Bobs
were the first, being from Carol Ann Brewer, the
originator of the breed. Sue Jordan, of Dixie
Pixie Cattery added in new lines from Texas,
along with the lines of Carol Ann Brewer, the
founder of the breed, producing the strongest
bobcat appearance.
Chief is literally the BEST of both worlds, all rolled into one beautiful
boy. I look forward to seeing what he can do with my solidly bred
females. I plan my breedings carefully, not just mating one Pixie-Bob
to another, but researching the pedigrees and choosing the best
match to produce wonderful kittens having a strong bobcat
appearance, just like Chief, my first boy!
Red Fox Seattle Cat, AKA "Sea Cat" is a son of the infamous Stone Island Red Fox.  These old, original
North West bloodlines are some of the very best, and most admired bloodlines in the Pixie Bob breed.  
Sea Cat is one of only three Pixie Bobs in the entire world with his excellent, rare pedigree.  He is one of a
very few cats with a pedigree full of some of the most influential Pixie Bobs in the history of the breed.  All
within only a few generations!  

He's not only a son of Stone Island Red Fox,  but also a nephew of the very admired Stone Island Bobby
Woodruff.  Pixie, the namesake of the breed is within only four generations!

Sea Cat belongs to Jessica and Terrill McGee of Rockytop Cattery.  Jessica and Terrill had planned to
retire Sea Cat and knowing his importance to the breed, very graciously offered his services to be used
here at Native Dream.  The combination of Sea Cat's bloodlines to my old North West lines are producing
beautiful, wild-looking kittens with impeccable temperaments.  These cats reflect the true, original,
wild-looking Pixie Bob qualities of their infamous ancestors.
Sea Cat is now retired, which makes these
bloodlines even more rare.  We currently have
Sea Cat babies, and some that are due to be born
this spring.

He is a very special boy, not only because of his
beauty and pedigree, but also because of his
sweet, loving, laid back personality.  He stamps
his personality, temperament, and wild look on his
offspring.  I feel very lucky and blessed that
Jessica and Terril entrusted me with this special
guy.  I'm just so glad to have gotten to know him
first hand.  We sure do miss the big guy!  

Rock It is our young, up and coming stud. He's out of our own Native Dream
Absolut Gold and Supreme Grand Champion Stone Island Red Fox Seattle Cat.    
Rock It is a very handsome boy with a personality to match.  He's got so much to
offer all in one package.  Beautiful face, fantastic eyes, and a perfect bobcat
length tail.  He's got a remarkable coat that is very plush, and dense, and splashed
with spots.  I just love this guy.  Rock It and I are great buddies and he's a very
special part of our family.  .     
Rock It's pedigree is a virtual whose who
among the Pixie Bobs, full of some of the
most admired and prominent cats in the
Stone Island Red Fox
Stone Island Bobby Woodruff
Stone Island Mr. Bob
Stone Island Macy of Mew York
Stone Island Samson
Dixie Pixie Waco Bob
Dixie Pixie Cactus Rose
Dixie Pixie Willow