Graycie has for her sire Nativeson's Toby of
Twinkletoes', the largest Pixie-Bob on record,
producing consistently the largest/heaviest
kittens on record, as well. His son, Graycie's full
brother, Twinkletoes' Buckshot Willy Woodruff
weighed 24 pounds at 2 yearsof age, while being a
lean, tall cat of bobcat type. (See Twinkletoes'
Buckshot Willy Woodruff). His sister, Graycie, is
extremely large for a female, and she also, has the
same wonderful articulated bobcat tail and rare,
perfect ears as Bucky. Graycie can emit sounds
that have never been heard coming from a
domestic cat, causing us to imagine that the
legend coming with her dam line, though
shrouded in mystery, is more real than not.
Graycie's mother, Boothrun's Gypsy Rose, is now too old to produce
kittens so Graycie, Bucky, and a mere handful of siblings are all that
remains having this precious damline of Bobbie of Boothrun and her
wonderful legend. Graycie is the first cat I acquired from Carol Ann
Brewer, with which to begin my breeding program.   
Willow is a very special girl who is near and dear
to my heart.  She has been a matriarch in the Pixie
Bob breed and has contributed significantly to
the Pixie Bob program.  Even though her youth is  
behind her, she still so young at heart.  She l
loves to attack her toys and enjoys to indulge
herself with catnip.  She is now retired and living
a very happy, content life.  Willow has found the
perfect home.  Willow is one of my favorite cats
and she now lives with one of my favorite people,
Denise, who has been my best friend for over 25